My Lightbulb Moment

I decided to start a blog! I’ll mainly be writing about travel and interior design–with the occasional life rant.

After a sleep-deprived couple of days I had a lightbulb moment on my drive to school this morning. I found it so refreshing and it really gave me something to think about, other than the crazy hecticness that is my life right now.  I was listening to the radio where Mark Foster from the band ‘Foster the People’, was being interviewed on his new album and what fueled his creative process.  I’m so excited that I was able to find an article on the interview that I heard this morning.  Here’s an excerpt:

 Leading up to the album, Foster had his own private recreation time, taking a three-month sabbatical in vastly different environs like Morocco, India, Israel, and Africa.  He came back culture-shocked to the westernized mentality of Los Angeles, but his trip “fueled a lot of the concepts” that ended up going in Supermodel including the way other people live outside of Western culture and how they communicate.

“It’s so cliché for a musician to come back and say India changed my life,” admitted Foster. “I went to villages where they really had nothing, but down the street they had a temple made of solid gold.  That was just like the eye-opening thing… these people dedicate their lives to what they believe and there’s a reverence to the way that they live their lives. They live for the greater of the community as opposed for us living for the greater of self.”

This was one of the reasons that Foster also took a sabbatical from social media. In America, we take for granted the necessity of the existence of social media, but as Foster so aptly stated, social media has existed for “five years” whereas we survived as humans for thousands of years without it.

Using it as a way to relieve boredom and to connect with people, Foster says that with social media we tend to use it as a way to “validate our thoughts and existence,” a way to curate an identity that people want to see. He stepped back from social media for seven or eight months to draw an emotional boundary and found that once he stopped using social media, life “just got more peaceful.”

“The static noise that I hadn’t been aware of, kind of just all around my in-and-outs of my life kind just stopped. And I was just sitting in a room. Alone.”  This translated deeply into the making of Supermodel.

“This record is really about culture and the evolution of culture,” explained Foster. “And I feel like specifically, the generation that we’re living in now, just with social media and the inundation of technology and how that’s affecting our day-to-day life and I find that to be a fascinating topic.”

And here’s the link in case you want to read the whole thing:

Foster The People Talk Coachella, Social Media, Forthcoming Album ‘Supermodel’ With Kevin and Bean

I’ve been so involved with school that I’ve completely forgotten about my passion for travel and its effect on my view of the world.  Listening to how life changing this 3-month sabbatical was for Mark has reinvigorated my need for travel.  I thought I was going to spend my spring break reading at home, but now I think I’ll try to spend it checking out places in the Southern California area.

P.S. I’m supposed to be working on my final projects and papers so the aesthetic part of this blog will be worked on, on another day.

Here’s an image of Hearst Castle–one of the places I would like to visit on my break.

Hearst Castle


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