Can I be Marie Antoinette for a day?

or maybe for a year so that I can truly get the experience. 😛

A couple of weeks ago I went to The Getty Center for a class field trip and I think it has to be the most fun I’ve ever had a museum.  We got to see all sorts of French furniture and decorative arts from the Rococo and Neo Classical periods.  This place is a must go for all Interior Designers that are remotely interested in history.  I took an insane amount of pictures and I think only 1% will make it on to this post.

First I want to start off with this clock.  It has a monkey, and I love it.

Wall Clock

I want a fancy room like this one and pretend to live in the Parisian court.

Rococo Room

::rings bell:: More tea please, actually could you give me a glass of our house wine?

Forgot the name

I’ll be on my day bed.


but please do not bother me of the curtains are closed


This is a sofa and a bed! I wish there was someone standing next to it so that you could better understand its size.


The amount of detail that went into making this piece is unreal


 You can better see some of the marquetry in this close up.


Why can’t we sit on the chairs!! D’: I wanted to explore all of the furniture, sit in the rooms, and pretend I was Marie Antoinette. </3

Louis XV Gilded Fauteuil

Here are some of my other favorite pictures:

La Regence Panel Detail French Porcelain

Look at the floor!!!

Desk and Parquetry

Some of my friends from school couldn’t help but pose with Louis XIV

  Louis XIV  DSC_0005

I’m pretty sure they weren’t allowed to walk there

DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Hope you enjoyed my pictures!



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