RT Book Lovers Convention ’14 in New Orleans

Me and Jannelle

This was my first year at an RT convention and it was AMAZING!!  My RT cherry has been popped, and am now addicted.  I NEED MORE RT CON IN MY LIFE!


I would like to thank Jannelle for telling me about this situation and bringing me along on this journey.

On to my first convention event, the Blogger Conference.  This had to be one of my favorite events because I was able to learn how to become a better blogger.  Plus there was free lunch and cocktail hour at the end 😉 Also, I received the ARC to what will be my first post-convention read, V!rg!n by Radhika Sanghani.  Can I say that this book has one of the best dedications I have ever read?!

“To anyone who has ever gone through the pain of a Brazilian wax”

Another book I’m super excited to start reading is The Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene Frost.  I’m hoping to get my hands on it soon!


With Jeaniene Frost!

All of the panels, reader events, and social events were phenomenal.  Sometimes the crowds were a bit overwhelming (introvert probz) but I definitely made the most out of it all.  Most people were amazing; others were a little too intense for my liking.  You had to be careful when there were free books involved, which was almost all of the events.

Waiting in Line for the Giant Book Fair

Waiting in Line for the Giant Book Fair

The food in New Orleans has to be like nothing I have ever eaten before. I tried an oyster for the first time. Gross. At least it was worth it because it had a pearl!! Etouffee, Po Boys, Popeyes, Crawfish, Fried Fish oh my! I have never eaten so much seafood in my life. The drinking and nightlife out does even the best parties in Vegas.  The lifestyle in New Orleans has to be one of the most laid-back and carefree that I have ever encountered and I love it! These traits were plainly obvious while walking down Bourbon Street on a Saturday night.

IMG_2232  IMG_2226

New Orleans is so magical that it’s no surprise to me why so many authors write about it. Its history alone is enough to keep a person interested. But then you start to learn about the local superstitions, voodoo queen Marie Laveau, vampires, and ghosts. I can seriously understand why an author would be inspired.


Last but not least, I want to give a shout out to all of the wonderful ladies that made this week so great.

My Favorite Ladies at RT14

My Favorite Ladies at RT14

Until the next time!!! RT15 Dallas


2 thoughts on “RT Book Lovers Convention ’14 in New Orleans

  1. ⭐️I am JEALOUS of everyone who experienced NOLA-RT 14!! NOLA has been on my “Bucket List” since….I read “Interview With a Vampire” at the tender age of 14.
    I live in CT so I do Book Expo, but it can be VERY hectic & you MUST have great time management skills or else you WILL miss out on major signings- like the Harlequin Teen one that was about 3k ppl long with about 500 books total :p
    Next year I WILL buy a “front of the line” pass. maybe 2. lolz.
    RT & BEA are both great, but I bet RT is better, less….”professional” if that makes sense.
    Love your posts BTW.

    • OMG That is quite the line!! It beats any of the RT lines I was in. I’ve heard RT is definitely more fun than BEA, but like BEA you better keep up with your schedule or you’ll miss out on the good freebies. You should definitely try to visit NOLA it’s unlike any city I have ever been to.

      Thanks for reading! 😀

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