Spanish Interiors are for Secret Societies and The Mysterious

Spanish Revival Interior

For some reason, I feel like this style of home should have hidden rooms and secret corridors. There’s something beautifully dark about this image that draws me in. If it doesn’t have any of the traditional spanish tiles, then I’d totally understand why most people would think this house is gothic.  It might just be me, but doesn’t this look like it might belong in Barrons Books and Baubles?? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, please check out The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning.  This easily has to be one of my favorite series! But I promised myself this would be a design post and I won’t let myself get distracted by listing all the reasons as to why it’s BEST SERIES EVER!

I love the contrast of dark and light brought together by the spanish style.  And don’t even get me started on painted ceramic tiles. Looking at these images also transports me to a totally different world than the one I’m accustomed to; it’s a complete departure from the cold and secluded interiors that we are so often seeing now-a-days.

What defines the Spanish style?

  • Decorative Wrought Iron Details like the chandelier and stair railing you see in the image above.
  • White Stucco Walls perfect and ready for Spanish painted tile.
  • Rounded Arches 
  • Painted Tile and Terracota Tile
  • Terracota Roof Tiles
  • Wooden Ceiling Beams
  • Cut Steel Work
  • Dark Wood everywhere!
  • Rich Fabrics full of colors and patterns
  • Courtyards and Patios

Unlike the first picture I posted, this style is full of color and details. Here are some examples I love:

Iron Details, Painted Tiles, Rounded Arches, Dark Wood,

I ❤ Dark Wood

Can I just say that I love painted tile?!?! I love their rich colors and geometric patterns.  Sometimes geometric patterns have a tendency to feel cold but there’s just something about the intricate spanish style that feels warm and cozy.


Spanish Style Tiles

I also love to see this wonderful display of color on back splashes

Love this!

Beautiful Stove Alcove

And in Bathrooms!

Blue Bathroom

With that being said (and shown), I can’t wait to start working on a project where I would have to create a space with Spanish influences… or maybe having my own retreat on the California coast, complete with hidden rooms and passageways.

What do you think about this style?

One thought on “Spanish Interiors are for Secret Societies and The Mysterious

  1. Spanish decor is one of my absolute favorites. I am always drawn to it vs other styles.
    There are times I can see myself in a villa in the country somewhere.
    This is a great post. My other fave is the dressing tables one.

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