Reasons Why I Want to Have a Vanity

and why every woman should want one too!

My love for beauty and cosmetics has been reawakened thanks to my new love affair with some famous vlogs.  But what does a girl do when she wants to spend countless of hours playing with make-up and hair tools?  I’m sure as hell not going to be found doing this while standing in the bathroom! The solution? I need to get myself a vanity.

Can’t you just see yourself sitting in front of these while a) taking care of your everyday beauty routine or b) getting yourself dolled up with all of your goodies?!

A vanity, also known as a lowboy or dressing table, is just a table with some drawers for your belongings, topped off with a big mirror where you can admire your beauty. But please don’t forget, you must add a comfortable chair or stool!  I think this tradition started in Europe with high society were Ladies would often be primped and primed by their handmaidens.  But this is just me taking a wild guess, thanks to Downton Abbey.  Now let’s get started on my very shallow reasons!

Reason # 1:  I need a place to spread out and organize my beauty products

Reason # 2:  I can sit down while I’m getting ready

Reason # 3: I’ll actually be motivated to do something other than a bun to my hair!

Reason # 4:  Moisturizing routines are suddenly more glamorous

Reason # 5: I think it makes the room look pretty

Many people have different taste, so here are some different styles that might spark your interest.

black vanity                                                              love vanity

modern vanity                                            vanity

Hope you enjoyed my latest post.  Next one will include some book reviews and a giveaway!!




2 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Want to Have a Vanity

  1. I had a dressing table from as early as I can remember.
    It was white with a pretty yellow floral skirt.
    I loved it so much.
    Id live to have another.
    I can see a mirrored tray holding my prettiest perfume bottles, my nicest cosmetics on display, it would be skirted so clear bins could be stored underneath.
    Great post.

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